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Soccer Speed Training |

If You're A Soccer Club and Want To Run Profitable, In-House SAQ Programs Using Your Own Coaching Staff,  Then You'll Be Excited To See Our Latest Collection of Soccer Specific SAQ Drills, Coaches Education Modules and Done-For-You Programs...

... With Over 300 Soccer Specific SAQ and Conditioning Drills, Expert Staff and Resources To Support You, And Dozen's of Done-For-You Marketing Emails and Programs To Choose From, It's Everything You Need For Your Own Soccer SAQ Camps and Year-Round SAQ Events - At Unbeatable Prices!   

Until Now! is designed to help and support you, the soccer coaches, player development professionals and fitness specialists who are on the front lines each and every day!

Weather you're just a soccer coach with no experience in the area of Speed Agility and Quickness (SAQ) or conditioning for soccer - OR - you're a highly seasoned fitness professional looking for more success with your soccer SAQ/speed programs...

This site is for you!

Sign up for our FREE, and informative soccer speed newsletter's and get great content and a quality soccer SAQ drills. 

Or, become a Member and get access to a full range of educational pages, time saving techniques and tools, top soccer drills for speed - quickness - agility - stride length control - deceleration and more.

Soccer Speed Training Members Access:

Check out some of our Gold Members Content Right here. In this video you get to hang out with me and my trainers while we create and test new, functional soccer speed, agility and fitness drills. You too can be part of our think tank where some of our best training drills come to fruition. Try it out today for just $1. Gold Members Only.

  • Soccer speed training DRILLS guaranteed to make you and your whole team faster.
  • Special Resistance Band Training for Soccer SAQ and Skills Program. (Click on the Banner)

    Our new Resistance Band Training System for Soccer Athletes is one of the best ways you can grow the needed strength, explosiveness and stability for sprint speed effectiveness and multi-directional efficiency!

    If you are a soccer player, coach, parent or fitness professional you know that speed, coordination agility under pressure is what separates those who make the team and those who wish they did.

    If you want to be the best you can be for tryouts and/or competition then you need our RBT for Soccer Athletes to help you get to the next level.  Get your bands today by clicking the banner below.

  • Soccer conditioning drills that will get you and your team sharp and ready for competition.
  • Entire done for you soccer speed programs that make it easy for you to run your own SAQ sessions with confidence. 

    Including how to set up your training program for your entire club.  SEE VIDEO!

  • Audio interviews with top soccer conditioning experts who give us their training secrets.

  • Strength training regimen you can do right at your soccer practices.

  • Get the practical application while understanding the science side of soccer speed training, soccer conditioning and fitness.

  • Learn how to incorporate ball skills with speed training including the tactical applications for specific moves and game situations.  Including a Soccer Ball Skills HOMEWORK Program your athletes and client can access for FREE!  See Actual Video!

  • Soccer Speed and Agility Programs which lead to actual game winning qualities and habits; what Vern Gambetta calls "moments of truth" where speed actually determines the outcome of games.

  • Speed techniques weaved into soccer skills drills and exercises that not only build a great skill base but help players use specific changes of speed to beat defenders.

  • Effective conditioning and fitness activities designed to get more out of your soccer teams and which are a better use of your time rather than running around a track.

  • Learn the mental side of soccer speed and how to develop a "Fast First Mindset" with each one of your players.

  • Get access to recommended online speed training courses.

  • Monthly newsletter's and much more...

New! - Get access to Speed Trainers USA soccer speed curriculum and methods! is your connection to endless resources, training experts and educational materials and courses.

Improve your knowledge base as a soccer coach or fitness professional so you can confidently grow and develop faster more effective soccer athletes for the future.

~ One of the most dynamic and most under stated benefits of increasing speed in your soccer players is CONFIDENCE! ~

When you see how much individual confidence grows because a players committed themselves to a Soccer Specific Speed Program, you and they will be hooked on this training!

Our programs and training produce a new level of speed and effectiveness where it's needed most  - During Competition!


Each new level of speed brings with it 
a new level of Confidence!

My commitment is to bring you the best speed training professionals and their resources to your, your players and your organizations - all right here in one place.

Chochi Valenzuela - Director

Join us today for only $1

Who else can benefit from this Website?

  • Soccer Coaches and DOC's committed to unlocking that untapped potential you see in each one of your player's, but you intuitively know that 'yet another passing drill' will not provide the increase in effectiveness, confidence and results you and your players desire.
  • Fitness Professionals ready to break into the lucrative world of soccer speed training but who've been ineffective up 'til now or, you know nothing about soccer and how to confidently approach the clubs in your communities.
  • Private Soccer Skills Trainers and Camp Clinicians who need to set themselves apart from their competition by adding a new level of knowledge and proven results getting speed training material to their old training programs.
  • Serious Soccer Athletes who see the game getting faster and are committed to bringing a new level of athleticism, speed, effectiveness and results to all the aspects their personal game. 
  • Sports Facility Owners who see the potential of predictably attracting the huge soccer community to your facility but need an educated staff, new cutting edge training programs that produce the kind of results soccer players want and critical interaction with successful facility owners.
  • And You!  If you've read this far then you need to become a member with us - there are no accidents!

Try for Only $1

Video Tip of the Week - Deceleration on the Speed Ladder.
Chochi Valenzuela - Director of Speed Trainers USA
Video Tip of the Week! Deceleration training on the speed ladder. . . . keep reading
Youth Sports and Bad Parents? What's going on with youth sports now-a-days?
John O'Sullivan 0 Changing The Game: The parent's Guide to Raining Happy, High Performing Athletes, and Giving Youth Sports Back to our Kids! . . . keep reading
Increasing Team Speed - One easiest ways to apply SAQ training to make any soccer team tactically faster, quicker and more effective. Enjoy!
Chochi Valenzluela
Increasing Team Speed! - Team speed is a skill that can be trained. Here is one very simple technical focus and it's tactical application you can use to increase the speed of play with your team. It starts with focusing what each player should do once the make the decision to... . . . keep reading
Arm Action Technique's #3 and #4 - Members Only!
Chochi Valenzuela
Coming Soon . . . keep reading
The Secret's of Teaching Effective Soccer Speed and Agility!
Chochi Valenzuela
Learn the REAL Secrets to teaching effective soccer speed programs... . . . keep reading

Newsletter #62 - Exciting Christiano Ronaldo Skills Comparison!
Chochi Valenzuela - Director
If Christano Ronaldo can do it so can you! Just don't walk around being an old dog... . . . keep reading
Newsletter #60 - Fitness and Finishing with Tactical Application - We call this our 'Killer Pass Drill'...
Chochi Valenzuela - Director
Shooting Drills that include Fitness and Tactical applications are the new way to train your players and teams. Check out our "Killer Pass Drill" that also works on the play makers and the runners ability to find the passing lanes... . . . keep reading
Newsletter #58 - A Behind the Scenes Look at a #1 Soccer SAQ Program!
Chochi Valenzuela - Director
In this weeks newsletter you will get: A "Benind . . . keep reading
Preview Our Entire 10 Week Soccer Speed Program!
Chochi Valenzuela
Soccer Speed For Your Entire Club! Set your entire club apart from the rest with this Elite Soccer Speed Training Program. You will get all three levels of my 10 session programs that I run with the top soccer club in Seattle, 1400 players, 70+ coaching staff and... . . . keep reading
More motivation for your soccer skills training!
Chochi Valenzuela
Great video to motivate you during your soccer skills training. See top pro's in action with heart thumping music to... . . . keep reading
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